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Moroccan art and wood ornaments

  1. What is Artisanetshop? Artisanetshop is the home of the 5th generation of wood ornaments, Moroccan art, and handmade in Morocco. With all items in wood, Jewelry box, wooden games, abstract art, wooden globes, wood office desk and accessories... we carry, to be creative in our production to satisfy your needs and even your imagination. The quality and the know-how of our creation are original and made with love. Take a look at our multiple different items, woods, wood ornaments with different materiel which that will give your decoration, orders, gifts, or souvenirs the charm of a handmade object it deserves.
  2. The Moroccan art: woodwork In the tradition only Moroccan men do the woodwork, in those days Moroccan women start on this.

The work of the local Moroccan woods, Atlas Mountain range woods, known for their very characteristic scents, testifies to the great artistic skill of Moroccan craftsmen in handling this noble material, whether to create art objects (abstract, painting, miniature) of decorative objects (burl wood coffee table, chests, lamps), or for Moroccan interior design (Moroccan headboard, Moroccan lounges, Moucharabiehs, entrance doors, royal niches, ceilings).

Purists work these woods especially to provide useful everyday use either outside the home (agriculture, transport), inside (handmade furniture, wood jewelry box, skewers, vases, cups, trays, handmade knife), or even some accessories (wood jewelry).

Others highlight the nobility of cedar, walnut, olive, oak, or even Thuya (thuja tree). Carved, inlaid, chiseled, openwork, marquetry or even painted in warm colors, the wood is ready to receive the creativity of marquetry craftsmen, the art carpenter, and the cabinet makers, who are inspired by traditional geometric patterns (development of stars or Berber signs), patterns intertwined florals of oriental inspiration, the richness of Arabic calligraphy and above all motifs that spontaneously came out of their imagination and their cultural accumulation.

  1. wood ornaments:  inlaid and marquetry  
  2. Once the Moroccan design and the patterns have been traced and reproduced over the entire work surface, manual work takes place, the wood is delicately hollowed out, carved and inlaid or marquetry repmlied, then punched with different degrees of sandpaper, then sanded by hand, and finally ready to receive layers varnish (shellac applied according to the buffer varnish method, or synthetic with a brush).
  3. wood ornaments: Wood painting 
  4. A very welcoming Moroccan art, The work of painting on wood or "zouak" is done on wood surfaces well prepared in advance to accommodate a superb play of artistic polychromies.
  5. wood ornaments: Woodturning

More worldwide, a lot of people make it like a hobby, but in Morocco, it's a branch of the Moroccan art tree and we use it to create de small pieces of Moucharabieh, just to know all the different Moroccan wood are nice in turning work (bowls, cups, pen…)



Be sure of all our Moroccan artwork are handmade with love.